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Use YouTube to educate your students,

not distract them.

Creation, curation, connection, and community

A staggering 85% of kids ages 14 to 17 have a smartphone (source); and whether we like it or not today's teen culture is one of eating, sleeping, and breathing in the internet. At no other time have kids been more connected, influenced by social media, and motivated toward creative endeavors.

At the center of this culture are platforms like YouTube; fully open communities where individuals can create and share their passions to serve as entertainment for the rest of the world. In their free time kids watch YouTube, like they text their friends, and like they use snapchat. That makes it incredibly relevant.

YouTube Refined for education aims to help schools and teachers use the platform to educate and motivate their students without distracting them. Instead of blocking YouTube in your school outright, YouTube Refined allows you to give your students access to a host of fun, educational videos, while hiding those that could be a distraction.

Currently the project is in active development, but please do contact us if you are interested by completing the form below or shooting us an email.

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